I had my old railings removed to install a new stoop , can I reuse my existing Iron railings or do I have to buy new ?


Ok So I am asked this question a lot , so let me start off by saying the answer to that question depends on a few variable’s ,so let me break them down one by one.

The first thing I look at when asked this question is the overall Condition of the existing railings.  If they are in reasonable shape, no heavy rusting or rotting at the base and don’t need too much rework, that’s a good start, for being a candidate for reinstallation. Below is an example of a railing that should be replaced due to many factors, like multiple layers of flaking paint, rotted pipe at leg bases and bent pipe. But ultimately in this case money was the driving factor and they elected for us to just cut the rail at the base & add baseplates, repair the broken welds and field brush paint them ,  So that’s what we did.



Full replacement is recommended for this rail

Full replacement is recommended for this rail


The next thing we consider is if your got a stoop makeover then sometimes the platform is going to be short because a lot of people get a brick face and new bluestone added on top of their old stoop which didn’t have that brick fascia prior which means the platform gets longer usually by 5-6 ” or so thus making the railing platform short. So the proper way to fix this is to add extensions on to the back of the rail to compensate for the longer platform which is doable but will add to the cost of the reinstallation. and lastly some mason contractors opt to just cut the railing out flush with the old concrete and leave the remnants of the rail legs in the old concrete, then just cover it up with the new stoop materials, sometimes this creates a problem because when we get called to reinstall the railings we can’t see the location of the steel legs that are under the new stoop materials. So what can happen is when we start drilling the new holes there is a possibility that we can encounter the steel a few inches into drilling which means we would have to move the railing over somewhat to avoid the steel that should have never been left in the old stoop. Should this happen all we can do is relocate the holes & patch the holes up that we had to relocate.  Please understand this is not our fault but the fault of the mason contractor. Also please note this could also be the case if we make new railings in the same situation.


Of course while using your old railing may save you a few bucks the best thing to do is get new ones made to fit your new stoop. That way it complements your new stoop and then you will have the opportunity to get a maintenance free finish on your new railings. With that coating you will have a 10 year warranty against rust! So you can relax and enjoy life instead of having to make a date with your railings to do a sand and repaint ,then another date with your power washer to remove the rust stains off your new stoop.

See How a new rail helps to make your new stoop pop
See How a new rail helps to make your new stoop pop
Curved Stoop Rail
new railings for front stoop with curved rail section








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One Of My Favorite Custom Designed Scroll Railings

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